A unique, easy-to-use business development tool built to grow personal connections with your most important relationships.

Develop Connections. Grow Business.

GCC Portfolio has a long-standing reputation for enriching client relationships through award-winning personalized print and ecards. We're taking our experience and expertise to develop a new platform: GCC Connect.

Too many contacts, too little time.

GCC Connect grew out of a shared desire from our clients to make it easier to facilitate one on one connections with their key relationships. Many firms utilize CRMs, which contain invaluable customer data. Within this warehouse of information exists unutilized opportunities to connect personally with clients on important personal dates, such as birthdays and work anniversaries. However, the challenge for firms is lack of time or resources to track and contact clients on these key dates.

Every contact, every occasion.

Personalized. Scheduled. Done.

We have developed an online, easy-to-use platform which makes it a breeze to connect with clients anytime. First, we import your contacts. Next, we work through all your contacts’ dates, finding their special occasions and sorting them under each contact’s profile. After selecting a contact’s important date, you choose an ecard from a curated selection of award-winning designs. Your greeting can be quickly personalized with custom messages, subject lines and signatures. When you’re all set, simply review and confirm the details. It’s that easy.

Key features
worth writing home about.

On top of all this, GCC Connect comes packed with tons of helpful features to keep you in contact with all of your key relationships.

Custom contact syncing to your CRM

Flexible admin roles that fit your corporate structure

Custom ecards designed by award-winning designers

Personalize your ecards with a custom message and signature

One-time contact uploads

State-of-the-art security

Detailed, to-the-second analytics

Set and forget

Send instant e cards for key events

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